You can never have too many knives…in YOUR house

... You can never have too many knives…in YOUR house" />

“It’s MY house!”

All of us Eddie Murphy fans recognize his stepfather Vernon’s quote and apply it like gospel to our kitchen, especially the context of the phrase that directly follows (which I will leave unsaid as it’s NSFW). And all of us knife fans definitely feel this way about our kitchen tools – especially our knives, which we feel establish our identity as efficient cooks and rulers of the jungle that is our busy, steamy, mysterious kitchen. Naturally, we think the ideas that someone may think that we don’t need any more knives, or that one can use any single knife for everything, or any of the other crazy notions people assign to our friends, are just that – crazy. Now, no one says that you have to have 20-30 knives in your kitchen. But no one says you don’t have to, either. Err on the side of what you feel. Because it’s YOUR kitchen. And it’s YOUR knife rack, or knife block. In YOUR house. 

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