Post-Christmas kitchen musing…lifetime of cast-iron…Thanks, Granny!

So, after holidays, you gotta take stock of your kitchen equipment to prepare for future endeavors. One thing I cannot stress enough, is to take care of your pots/pans. If you have cast iron pots – you must take care of them, as they will last you a lifetime (literally!) if you do. First andContinue reading “Post-Christmas kitchen musing…lifetime of cast-iron…Thanks, Granny!”

You must love your friends…

Because sometimes, you get called upon to cook for them, what you cannot consume yourself. My homie John Williams (check him out at @chef_jwayne on IG and check his site rapped with me about not being able to eat seafood but being famous for his shrimp and grits and salmon croquettes. He states thatContinue reading “You must love your friends…”

Steak – it’s not as hard as you think it is! Just put it in reverse!

I love it when my friends call me for advice on food. I absolutely love it to death, because it gets me started talking about cooking and it jumpstarts me to doing research about things that I need to know about cooking. One thing I DO absolutely know, however, is steak. I am what oneContinue reading “Steak – it’s not as hard as you think it is! Just put it in reverse!”

Today’s post…suggestions from a friend…

So, in my never ending quest for inspiration, I turned to a friend who threw out, in Food Network’s “Chopped” style, the following ingredients: Sage Rosemary Thyme Turkey thighs Onions Bacon And directed me to use my imagination. That said, I had to rack my brains  for some other ingredients, because all that clanged aroundContinue reading “Today’s post…suggestions from a friend…”