Today’s post…suggestions from a friend…

... Today’s post…suggestions from a friend…" />

So, in my never ending quest for inspiration, I turned to a friend who threw out, in Food Network’s “Chopped” style, the following ingredients:

  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Turkey thighs
  • Onions
  • Bacon

And directed me to use my imagination.

That said, I had to rack my brains  for some other ingredients, because all that clanged around in there was “STUFFING!” And fresh off Thanksgiving season, turkey thighs aren’t always easy to find…but thank God for Whole Foods!!

Now, in the spirit of making your own stuffing, I realize that some of you may not just have cornbread stuffing just laying around in your kitchen. But I bet you have croutons – on the assumption that you eat your fair amount of as your doctor orders you. So you should be fine. Make sure you have at least 2 bags on hand just in case. What I’m trying to say is – Stove Top can’t rule your lives forever!

You should also definitely have some chicken broth on hand. I mean, you should have this anyway, because you can use it for so many cooking options. Beats heck out of water, if you ask me.  Just my humble opinion.

Now, for the “good stuff” – which will also make this kid-friendly – cream cheese! Here’s where you get to have fun – chop the aforementioned herbs into the cheese and make sure that they blend in very well. A good indication is that you can smell all the herbs while you’re working them into the cheese. For little kids with developing palates, the cheese will blunt the force of the spices and keep them interested. Of course, if you have little ones with developed taste buds, you can get exotic and use vegetable cream cheese.

Last but not least, remember one of my favorite phrases – flavor starts before you put anything in the pot!  You can separate the skin from the thigh and give it a misting with melted butter or olive oil, and then salt and pepper it (to crisp in the oven). Then comes the layer of cream cheese. Then comes the meat of the thigh. Then the stuffing with the croutons and bacon as the base. Then comes one of my favorite words in the cooking lexicon – ROULADE! Yes, roll the layers up and and tie them together and let the good times roll around in a cast iron skillet!!

And as if to add luxury to this scene – give it a bath in onion gravy, composed with a roux of flour and bacon grease with a pat of butter, and some of that thyme that you have left over.


Don’t worry, the pictures are coming as soon as I can edit them…promise!


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