You must love your friends…

... You must love your friends…" />

Because sometimes, you get called upon to cook for them, what you cannot consume yourself. My homie John Williams (check him out at @chef_jwayne on IG and check his site rapped with me about not being able to eat seafood but being famous for his shrimp and grits and salmon croquettes. He states that the flavor that he draws from the food, and the smiles on the hungry bellies, trumps the fact that he can’t eat right along with them. I had to agree, that hurts. I can’t eat raisins with my friends but my bread pudding with brandy-plumped raisins is a banger. We agreed that we love our friends because of what we put ourselves through for them…SMH. Hit me in the comments if you want more about how much we love y’all!

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  • Chef John says:

    Dope bro. Keep these blogs coming and thanks is for the Love. Like I told you before Flavor and Presentation is most important to me. Anyone can make food look good, but how does it taste?

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