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Uncle Bert’s Honey Lemon Pesto

I love pesto, but I hate shopping for pine nuts. Sometimes, they can be hard to find and slightly prohibitively expensive. I also love honey roasted peanuts. I LOVE pesto. I am a huge fan of anything with honey and lemons. Did I mention that I LOVE pesto? The smell of fresh basil and crushedContinue reading “Uncle Bert’s Honey Lemon Pesto”

Uncle Bert’s Spicy Cranberry Spread

  This recipe was inspired by my cousin Marcus who, like me, HATES boring food! We both like anything we’re cooking or consuming to have some fire in it – nothing that will burn down the kitchen, but, you get the meaning. Some HEAT! Right after Thanksgiving, we had a conversation about holiday food andContinue reading “Uncle Bert’s Spicy Cranberry Spread”