What moves me about cooking…

So, I was recently asked by a follower, what moves me about cooking. Naturally, I couldn’t nail it down to one thing, or feeling, so…here you are: The blood boil and rush of adrenaline when anyone suggests that there is any barbecue superior to that of North Carolina (shots fired, if you feel strongly, comeContinue reading “What moves me about cooking…”

Uncle Bert’s Lobster Fettucine with Buttery Scampi Sauce

LOBSTER: 3 lobster tails (roughly 4 ounces per tail), as fresh as you can possibly get them Melted butter for brushing Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper Pinch of dried basil BUTTERY SCAMPI SAUCE: ½ cup of butter (4 fl. oz) 3 cloves of garlic ½ tablespoon of dried tarragon (0.25 oz) 1 teaspoon ofContinue reading “Uncle Bert’s Lobster Fettucine with Buttery Scampi Sauce”