Recovering…thoughts on gadgets…

... Recovering…thoughts on gadgets…" />

Hello all!

Apologies that we missed last week, but it’s hard to cook while you’re coughing up a lung. I feel a lot better now, and I missed y’all!

While sleeping and staring at the ceiling in bed, I thought about things that I use to make things easier for me in the kitchen, and I specifically thought about my Smoking Gun. The Smoking Gun (yes, this is a ringing endorsement) from PolyScience is one of the greatest things ever created for the kitchen – and I’ll tell you why, in one word – INFUSION! For those of us that live in apartment complexes that don’t allow you to have grills on your patios, this tool gives you access to controlled smoke without the risk of burning down your domicile. It also keeps you from having to buy liquid smoke from the store. (Not that I have anything against liquid smoke- okay, I’m lying. I detest the stuff and I refuse to use it. Just my opinion!) And you can use the Smoking Gun to infuse drinks! You want your brandy or whisky to truly have that smoky flavor they talk about in all the spirits publications? Well….smoke it! And if you really want to wow your friends, pour them a shot before the smoke has totally infused. Nothing cooler than the smoke floating out of the bottle while you pour!

You can also, of course, use the Smoking Gun to give dishes like pulled pork the necessary smoky flavor that it requires, even if you’re forced to cook the pork shoulder in a Crock-Pot. Purists, don’t hate. I’m not going to be without pork barbecue simply because I can’t get to a grill or a smoker! I’m from North Carolina and that’s against the rules! Okay, I digressed. But you understand!


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