What moves me about cooking…

... What moves me about cooking…" />

So, I was recently asked by a follower, what moves me about cooking. Naturally, I couldn’t nail it down to one thing, or feeling, so…here you are:

The blood boil and rush of adrenaline when anyone suggests that there is any barbecue superior to that of North Carolina (shots fired, if you feel strongly, come get some);

The warm glow of affection that I get when I pull a chocolate cake out of the oven and my daughter says, “Good work, Daddy!”;

The Zen peace of slicing onions paper-thin so that they will melt into a caramelized hot tub of gravy;

The chuckle that comes from watching someone cut your roast chicken with nothing but the fork (You thought you would need a knife, didn’t you?);

The twinge of sadness at missing my grandmothers balanced by the knowledge that they put the cast iron skillet in my hands and that they are smiling at each other as they look down and see that I finally got the biscuits fluffy and golden…

The feeling of power you get when you clutch a razor-edged 10-inch chef’s knife and break a chicken into pieces that look better than the ones processed at the grocery store;

The never-ending enlightening of learning something new, in the kitchen, every single day;

Last but NEVER LEAST, the pride I feel in knowing that you guys are there to share with me!

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