“Usually I don’t do this…but…”

Even though I no longer endorse R. Kelly…I have to borrow his phrase for this post. Usually I do NOT throw out product endorsements in my blog but…I have to say this…Dalstrong Knives has made a winner with their Gladiator series 10″ chef knife! It’s balanced such that it feels like an extension of your hand. Makes food look like it’s falling away from the blade. Now, you’re not going to use this work of art to chop through bone, but I can tell you it ran through the joint of a chicken leg quarter like a knife through butter. (Gosh-awful play on words, I know, don’t shoot me.) It’s light enough to chop onions, garlic, scallions, mushrooms, and still split lemons like the aforementioned butter. (Chuckles) And most important for you- no fatigue! Equally important- it’s relatively inexpensive. I fully endorse this knife as the first one you can use to start your collection. More to come as I get my money up and check out more of their collection- but first, some video on the results:

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