Non-stick is NOT evil…

… especially when it comes to flipping omelets. And when I say flipping, I mean the entire omelet. As in, get a little bit of air. I am a person that likes to do things the “right” way, so, after watching a chef flip an omelet at a recent trip to a hotel, I was determined to duplicate the feat upon my return home. Never mind that the gentleman had most likely spent years learning the art. I was bound to get it right…that night.

So I learned, the hard way:

  • Non-stick is NOT evil;
  • Butter is not evil (but olive oil might be);
  • You must brown your ingredients first;
  • Think frisbee when you click your wrist;
  • Keep your spatula close;
  • Give. Yourself. Time!

You can do it!

Published by Uncle Bert

2 thoughts on “Non-stick is NOT evil…

  1. Where’s the video of you flipping omelettes? Also, how do you keep the egg from getting too dark before the omelette sets? Do you think my temp is up too high?


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