Jalapeño brine is your friend…ask your local chicken…

Hello all!

Apparently, there is a trend sweeping the nation for “hot chicken”, jump-started by our friends in Nashville. The hotter it gets, apparently, the better it tastes. So, in the spirit thereof, I searched for an ingredient to spark the flavoring process – because it’s never too soon to start flavoring, marinade or otherwise. Where do most of us look first for heat? Peppers, you guessed it. And the first pepper I think of when I think of heat – jalapeños. So I dashed to the fridge, I found a jar…with jalapeño brine left over. No peppers, just brine. Just. Brine. Hmmmmm… light flicks on and I grab the first chicken I see and lower it into the jalapeño bath:

The great thing about jalapeño brine is that you don’t have to add any more heat. You can just dissolve the sugar into it and brine your chicken for at least 3 hours or overnight.

Thank me later…

Published by Uncle Bert


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