Cream in your…guacamole?


So, when most of us have guacamole, there is some sour cream, some chips, and some tequila nearby. And the idea is that our guacamole is expected to be creamy, right?

So why do y’all look at me funny when I hit you with the sour cream and the tequila in the guac? All the traditionalistas can’t stand it…until they try it.

Allow me to drop the science on you.

Avocado, per The Flavor Bible, blends well with all of the ingredients required for wonderful guacamole. Sour cream is a recommended matching flavor for avocado. Not only that, one of the listed flavor affinities (comparable flavor groups) for avocado is avocado+jalapeño chiles+cilantro+cumin+garlic+lime+onion (which sounds eerily like the ingredient list for great guacamole).

And here’s where it gets good… Tequila is also a recommended matching flavor. Which means in a small amount, the brightness of the flavor will make your guac practically jump onto the chip!

So…open your minds, open your palates, and open your bowls…this recipe will make you rethink guac as you know it.

Prep time:15 minutes



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