Always support my friends: for great BBQ and cooking tips! Vincent and Teresa can’t miss on the pit or in the kitchen! Look close and you may see someone you know! for great tips and even better seasoning! Curt will get you right! for BBQ entertainment and humor at its finest! Matt slaps! for someContinue reading “Always support my friends:”

Uncle Bert’s Smooth Guacamole With A Twist (Part Deux from earlier post)

You STILL should NEVER get excited about store-bought guacamole if you care about your friends and family. But you can switch it up on them and give them something different. Something smooth and creamy to the point of being elegant. Borderline boujee, if you will.  If you want real guacamole that will wow your peopleContinue reading “Uncle Bert’s Smooth Guacamole With A Twist (Part Deux from earlier post)”

Designated Driver Cooking

All my friends know I don’t drink. All my friends also know that I love cooking. They just don’t understand why I have better liquor collections than they do. I can only explain it in cook’s terms: if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it. Like, you can’t expect great Chicken Marsala with boxContinue reading “Designated Driver Cooking”

My Grandma’s Fried Apples – With a Twist!

When you grow up in the country in North Carolina in the 70s-80s, you learn a couple things about food. You learn that fresh is ALWAYS best, and you learn that looks aren’t everything when it comes to good taste. Unless, of course, you’re a little kid to whom looks ARE everything. Especially when itContinue reading “My Grandma’s Fried Apples – With a Twist!”

Be a star…cut your own chicken!

When some of us busy adults hear things like “spatchcock” or “butterfly” a chicken, they have the following response: “Yeah, that’s all well and good, but I can just buy a whole chicken and get it out of the way, right?” In my not-really humble opinion, I disagree, and I’ll tell you why: You endContinue reading “Be a star…cut your own chicken!”

Kryptonite = Banana Bread

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream. Okay, I said it. That was painful, but I said it. Why is that so painful? Because people like me (that cook for a living and cultivate a higher-plane palate) should not admit to having such an addiction. But I do, and I can’t help myself. The veryContinue reading “Kryptonite = Banana Bread”