Uncle Bert


This is a knife that all my BBQ Pitmasters and fans will LOVE!

Uncle Bert’s House of BBQ – Episode 6 – Special Guest – Boogie

This epsiode is a freestyle from me and my daughter, Camryn, also known as “Boogie”. We talk about hanging out with Daddy and future projects and display her unique personality. The future for this 12-year old is bright. She’s gonna be famous. And she plugs Uncle Bert’s without fail!

Oh, sweet turnips…fondant?

The humble turnip is thought of by some as simply an anchor for turnip greens. Their naturally bitter taste in raw form is off-putting to some diners, but this ‘should’ be blunted by a traditional preparation of cutting into small cubes and tossing them into a pot of braised turnip greens. This is a great Oh, sweet turnips…fondant?