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Episode 5.5 – VIP Guest Terrence Chavis, BBQ judge and my big brother

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Oh, sweet turnips…fondant?

The humble turnip is thought of by some as simply an anchor for turnip greens. Their naturally bitter taste in raw form is off-putting to some diners, but this ‘should’ be blunted by a traditional preparation of cutting into small cubes and tossing them into a pot of braised turnip greens. This is a great Oh, sweet turnips…fondant?

Uncle Bert’s Smoked Turkey Legs – Real Quick!

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving turkey. There’s also nothing worse than eating Thanksgiving turkey… for 2+ weeks after Thanksgiving.so my attempt to solve this problem is to break down the turkey parts into manageable eye-catching pieces because as we well know people eat with their rice and if it’s small and quick people eat really fast. Uncle Bert’s Smoked Turkey Legs – Real Quick!

Uncle Bert’s Smothered Turkey Wings

For YouTube video: https://youtu.be/pa4Si4rrIS0 INGREDIENTS: 4-6 Fresh turkey wings with first joint (drumsticks) removed 2 teaspoons each of dried sage, oregano, thyme, black pepper 1/4 cup olive oil 3 tbsp rice flour 6 cups chicken broth DIRECTIONS: Cut the third joint off the wings and set aside – you’re going to need them shortly… Take Uncle Bert’s Smothered Turkey Wings