Healthy BBQ Side Dishes With A Twist – Cauliflower Steak

“Whoa, Bert…slow down. You mean to tell me that cauliflower belongs in BBQ?” Absolutely, positively, YES. That’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you.  Let’s face it…cauliflower is pretty good by itself. And studies show that it’s kinda good for you.  Considering it’s 98% water (you know, that best and safest drink on the planet?)…it’s VERY goodContinue reading “Healthy BBQ Side Dishes With A Twist – Cauliflower Steak”

Cream in your…guacamole?

So, when most of us have guacamole, there is some sour cream, some chips, and some tequila nearby. And the idea is that our guacamole is expected to be creamy, right? So why do y’all look at me funny when I hit you with the sour cream and the tequila in the guac? All theContinue reading “Cream in your…guacamole?”

Jalapeño brine is your friend…ask your local chicken…

Hello all! Apparently, there is a trend sweeping the nation for “hot chicken”, jump-started by our friends in Nashville. The hotter it gets, apparently, the better it tastes. So, in the spirit thereof, I searched for an ingredient to spark the flavoring process – because it’s never too soon to start flavoring, marinade or otherwise.Continue reading “Jalapeño brine is your friend…ask your local chicken…”

From the request lines…Chicken Marsala…with a twist…

I love my followers! Every once in a while, they give me direct inspiration for dishes that they want to see on the blog- and they toss me the occasional curve ball! Example: I just got a request for stuffed chicken Marsala. Sounds exciting to me! This is going to involve copious amounts of mushrooms,Continue reading “From the request lines…Chicken Marsala…with a twist…”

Shrimp Risotto, Part 2 – Love it when a plan comes together…

So…if you remember the last post, we got quite excited about the prospect of trying risotto for the first time. So much so that we pulled out the pressure cooker to make shrimp stock fresh for the occasion. We were then left with 3 pounds of shrimp awaiting the privilege of being seared for pleasurableContinue reading “Shrimp Risotto, Part 2 – Love it when a plan comes together…”

Musings…cutlery, part deux

“You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you.” -Miyamoto Musaashi, The Book of Five Rings This quote from one of the greatest swordsmen accurately parallelsContinue reading “Musings…cutlery, part deux”