Uncle Bert’s Smoked Turkey Legs – Real Quick!

Advertisements There’s nothing like Thanksgiving turkey. There’s also nothing worse than eating Thanksgiving turkey… for 2+ weeks after Thanksgiving.so my attempt to solve this problem is to break down the turkey parts into manageable eye-catching pieces because as we well know people eat with their rice and if it’s small and quick people eat really […]

Uncle Bert’s Smothered Turkey Wings

Advertisements For YouTube video: https://youtu.be/pa4Si4rrIS0 INGREDIENTS: 4-6 Fresh turkey wings with first joint (drumsticks) removed 2 teaspoons each of dried sage, oregano, thyme, black pepper 1/4 cup olive oil 3 tbsp rice flour 6 cups chicken broth DIRECTIONS: Cut the third joint off the wings and set aside – you’re going to need them shortly… […]

Uncle Bert’s Smooth Guacamole With A Twist (Part Deux from earlier post)

Advertisements You STILL should NEVER get excited about store-bought guacamole if you care about your friends and family. But you can switch it up on them and give them something different. Something smooth and creamy to the point of being elegant. Borderline boujee, if you will.  If you want real guacamole that will wow your […]

Healthy BBQ Side Dishes With A Twist – Cauliflower Steak

Advertisements “Whoa, Bert…slow down. You mean to tell me that cauliflower belongs in BBQ?” Absolutely, positively, YES. That’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you.  Let’s face it…cauliflower is pretty good by itself. And studies show that it’s kinda good for you.  Considering it’s 98% water (you know, that best and safest drink on the planet?)…it’s VERY […]

Uncle Bert’s Spicy Cranberry Spread

Advertisements   This recipe was inspired by my cousin Marcus who, like me, HATES boring food! We both like anything we’re cooking or consuming to have some fire in it – nothing that will burn down the kitchen, but, you get the meaning. Some HEAT! Right after Thanksgiving, we had a conversation about holiday food […]

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